Pictures from the Villages

Hello to all of our supporters! We have all obviously been very busy here and have not had time to do thorough blogs. So, I am uploading some pictures of the work we have been doing out in the villages. Thanks for your support and prayers!



Sunday Morning and God’s Love for Children!

Our second day in Guatemala was beyond our expectations emotionally, spiritually, and visually. We started the day with an early morning Wendy Weekly wake-up call (a little earlier than expected thanks to time-zone changes – lol!)  Then, we headed off to church at Vida Real in Antigua! Church was a fantastic experience and given the special day (World Cup Finals) – the message focused on futbol analogies. It was with much surprise, that we learned many Guatamaltecos were rooting for Germany in the World Cup!  (Cody was very disappointed in this turn of events and the Germany win!)

After church, we were surprised by being taken to the top of one of the tallest points in Antigua that was also an artistic center with fascinating statues, birds, amazing views and delicious, local Guatemalan food – El Tenedor del Cerro 


After finishing lunch, we headed to the Casa para Ninos Aleluya (, which was a sobering experience that many of us will never forget. From the website:  Casa Para Niños Aleluya is a children’s home in Guatemala that cares for and raises around 400 orphaned, abused, and mistreated children. We invite you to read, learn, and get involved in what the Lord is doing through this ministry.

 Casa de Aleluya
Casa de Aleluya

We spent the day learning about this amazing facility that helps children in very bad situations obtain housing, schooling, job training, counseling from local psychologists who come onto campus, and even medical treatment in a dialysis clinic for extremely ill children who are abandoned by their parents to die in the hospital.  We spent most of our time in the house for “Los Angelitos” (little angels) where we spent the afternoon encouraging the staff and playing with the children.  


Wrapping up now, we are packing for our trip to the village. Tomorrow, we will head up the mountain to help in the medical clinic in a remote village, where we will spend the night tomorrow. Keep us and the villagers we will meet with in your prayers for stamina, patience, and health. Pray that God will use us to reach those who need to hear about the love and grace of God.  Thanks for your love and support. We have truly experienced the Grace of God in this country and all are doing well!


Happy Birthday Anna Weekly!


Arrival :)

Our trip could not have started off any better than it did. Everyone was as full of emotions as a 6 year old on Christmas morning. Happy, nervous, excited, anxious, and everything in between. We arrived at the airport and headed on our way to Guatemala City, Guatemala. Descending from the clouds we could see the bright city lights illuminate the streets. We collected our bags and met our driver Alberto. As we proceeded to leave the airport, Alberto asked us if we had ever been on a roller coaster. We all exclaimed our full approval of our coaster experiences and the joys of such a ride. Not realizing the correlation he told us to hold on. For thirty minutes we flew full-throtle through the city streets. Roller coasters are cool, but our crew agreed nothing compares to the exciting thrill of Alberto’s incredible driving skills. We arrived at the mission house and we were greeted with a warm welcome. Some met familiar faces and others made new friends. Our leader Herman sat all of us down and told us what to expect this week. All I can say is this will be a joy-filled and precious week.


Please pray for the Mission House team and for us that we will be able to give others amble cause to glorify God through Christ by the Holy Spirit.


Purpose Behind the Blog

The idea behind this blog is to uplift and inspire the Body with, pictures, videos, updates, and testimonies of the Grace North Atlanta Guatemala trip. We hope that those who view this blog will be able to be with us vicariously as we serve in Guatemala. A special thanks to all those who have given financial assistance and for all those who have prayed for our team. We are excited to be apart of God’s redemptive work in the mountains of Guatemala. Thanks for reading!!!

Grace North Atlanta Team assisting our brothers and sister in spreading the joys of the gospel of Christ